About Us
Who we are
Whether they are advising clients on strategy development, developing their own skills, or contributing to their communities, our consultants want to be seen as outstanding professionals with a passion for excellence. We, Advanced Business Consultants (ABC) have an interdisciplinary team of professionals experienced in working in an interdisciplinary environment. It is our interdisciplinary approach to problem solving that distinguishes us from others. The approach is of combining experience in a range of situations with expertise in various functional areas to help organizations reach their goals. We strive to be an organization of leaders who want the freedom to do what they think is right.
What we do
We help organizations and their business leaders address their greatest challenges, from reorganizing for long-term growth to improving business performance and maximizing revenue. These organizations are under constant pressure to deliver ever-better results while contending with a wide range of risks that can threaten their survival.

Our holistic approach to creative strategy development will help you design a future for your company that is highly ambitious and achievable. Our experience and industry expertise will ensure that you use the right tools.

After years of cost reduction, restructuring and downsizing innovation now tops the corporate agenda for growth. Improving innovation ability is today the most important lever to increase profitably and growth. We help companies to think laterally and create an atmosphere for innovation.

Our operation management consulting services range from the development of Operations Strategy concepts all the way through to Implementation Support of the developed concepts and are offered to a wide range of industries.
How we do it
We collaborate with the clients and create the right ambience and motivation to stretch their capabilities and reach tangible solutions.

We depend on the tangible data available to understand the problem. We believe that the financial results and other cues are manifestation of the strengths and weaknesses in the production and marketing functions and those core issues have to be assessed and tackled.

We always perceive the problems of the company from the perspective of its owners rather than that of the functional areas.

Our core strength is the interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. ABC looks at each assignment from an interdisciplinary angle. Our people have interdisciplinary expertise and are tuned to work in that environment. We believe that every problem is interrelated and interdependent.

While striving for excellence in Business Consulting we believe in not discussing our clients or the work we do for them.