Our Experience

ABC has undertaken projects that involve sector analysis, identification of projects, feasibility studies, market research studies, revival studies, audits or due diligence studies, investment support services, resource deployment.

ABC has conducted such studies across various sectors in Oman. This gives ABC a strong competitive advantage in terms of;

  • Our understanding the nuances of the business environment of Oman that will be valuable in identifying project ideas as well as developing project profiles
  • Collecting feedback from investors or promoters that includes their perception, expectations and experience
  • Having close associations with C-level executives in various sectors which will help in ensuring that the project profiles reflect the reality
  • Trust of the major businesses or agencies across sectors in Oman which will help in the marketing of the project profiles to prospective investors
  • Ability to acquire salient feedback from major stakeholders associated with the proposed project which will enhance the overall value of the project

The various experiences across sectors / Clients have been arranged in the following order: