Market study for Omani Products in Ethiopia
Market study for Road Marking Paint project
Market Research Study for Cement in GCC countries
Market search study for agglomerated marble
Market Research Study for Aluminium Container Packaging & Household Foil Wrap
Market Research Study for Select Higher Education Courses in the Sultanate of Oman.
Wage Survey in Manufacturing Industry
Real Estate Project
Understanding potential for establishing a logistics service company
Understanding the market potential Autoclaved Aerated Blocks and Panel
Assessing the potential for Recycled PET in GCC countries
Dry Mortar mix in the Sultanate of Oman.
Eva Sandals in Oman and other GCC market.
Poly Ethylene (PE) foam in Oman.
Power tools in the GCC region.
Adhesive tapes for GCC.
Garlic paste, Tomato paste, Jams and Ketchup in UAE, Oman, Yemen, Ethiopia, Eretria, Somalia.
Juices and Juice Drinks, Fresh Milk, Reconstituted milk, Milk powder, Chicken in UAE, Oman, Yemen, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia.